Best Circular Saw Track Systems 2023

Circular saw track rail guides.

In 1923, almost a century ago, the electric circular saw was first introduced into the market. Yet, before its introduction, many woodworkers relied heavily on pit saws and other traditional manual saws when making long rip cuts on boards. Gone were those days, however, for, nowadays, electric circular saws have already superseded the traditional ones. … Read more

Circular Saw: Cordless vs Corded

Comparing Cordless and corded circular saws.

If you’ve done woodworking, you should know what a circular saw is. It’s a primary feature in many workshops to cut wood. It doesn’t just cut wood as a hand-held power tool, but plastic and metal, too. Through different blades and models, circular saws become the go-to powerful and accurate tool. However, before you make … Read more