Best Corded Electric Brad Nailers

using cable electric brad nailers for different types of woodworking nailing process.

Earlier this year, I decided to give my old cordless brad nailer a respite and get a corded electric brad nailer. So, I began searching for the best corded electric brad nailers in the market today. To my surprise, the market is awash with various brands and models of corded brad nailers, which, I think, can give a newbie in nail gun use a lot of headaches in finding the ideal corded brad nailer for his needs.  

Of course, electric nailers are the weaker species relative to the pneumatic ones. However, if you are like me and want to try the electric ones, you might as well select the best corded electric brad nailer intelligently. Various electric brad nailer models come with varying features and qualities. For this reason, you need to make a comparative analysis of the features they got to zero in on the ideal one.

Most Recommended Corded Electric Brad Nailers

As mentioned above, the market is teeming with many corded electric brad nailers. So, if you want to narrow down your options to the best options at hand, you should check out the most recommended corded electric brad nailers in the market today:


One of the best electric corded brad nailers is the NEU MASTER NTC0040. It is an easy-to-use nailer that comes with an adjustable power function. You can also use it as a staple gun, and for this reason, it is a versatile nail gun. So, with this nail gun, you can spare yourself from buying two tools at the same time. 

The NEU MASTER NTC0040 kit comes with one hundred brads and four hundred staples. It also comes with a rubber nose that helps prevent damage to your workpiece. You will also appreciate its ergonomic design. Plus, you will like its oversized trigger that allows for less finger and hand fatigue. Besides, it comes with a quick-release feature.


  • Comes with adjustable power functionality
  • Less expensive option than buying a stapler and nailer separately
  • Comes with free staples and brads
  • Features a rubber nose


  • Not powerful compared to other options
  • Necessitates a bit of pressure

2) DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Brad Nailer

If you want a brad nailer and a stapler simultaneously, you can check out the DEWALT 5-in-1 Multi-tacker and Brad Nailer. Of course, the name of this tool suggests that you can use it in five different ways. It combines 5 unique instruments in a single device. 

You can use this brad nailer with Narrow Flat Crown and cable staples along with 18-gauge headless nails and 18-gauge brad nails. Thus, it can deal with many applications. It can install carpet, attach lightweight trims, install insulation sheets, and narrow and decorative trims.

You can also use it for paneling, picture frames, shoe molding, thin cuts, quarter-round molding, and crafting tasks. Besides, its design is compact and balanced with an ergonomic grip for less fatigue. Its electric cord is around eight meters.

You can also use it for paneling, picture frames, shoe molding, thin cuts, quarter-round molding, and crafting tasks. Besides, its design is compact and balanced with an ergonomic grip for less fatigue. Its electric cord is around eight meters. 

Similarly, it allows for accurate stapling with its integrated wire guide. It also weighs about three pounds, making it a lightweight option. Additionally, it comes with a high/low switch that lets you drive fasteners into soft and hard materials.


  • Simple in design and inexpensive
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Versatile enough for various applications


  • Suited only for smaller projects


If you want an all-purpose nail gun, you should check out the STANLEY Nail Gun (TRE550Z). You can use it as a stapler and nail gun. It features a tough exterior, though you will surely use this nailer for low-key jobs like adding drywall or putting up shingles on your roof. You can also use it for more challenging tasks. 

Professionals, who know how to maximize their power tools, will find this tool an excellent addition to their devices. It features two power level options with an eight-foot power cord. Likewise, it allows ease of clearing jams and can drive multiple staple types.


  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Comes with dual power options
  • Features a sturdy cord 
  • Allows for ease of clearing out jams


  • A bit heavy 
  • Jam rate might be higher
  • Susceptible to misfiring occasionally

4) SENCO FinishPro

You might find the SENCO FinishPro reliable in many instances, so it is a good option. It can help you finish many of your projects and comes with the features you would like to find in a brad nailer. For example, it offers an adjustable depth option and a rear exhaust. It also doesn’t need oiling. Besides, it allows for smooth and stable operation. 

The SENCO 1U0021N also comes with a carrying case to organize your nails and transport this nailer with ease. You will also appreciate its swivel air connect feature, which lets you deal with tight spaces. It doesn’t jam more often and comes with a red indicator when it is empty. 


  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Doesn’t jam frequently
  • Offers depth adjustability
  • Comes with a red light indicator when it is empty


  • Its toolbelt hook is quite big
  • Tends to dry-fire

Understanding How an Electric Nail Gun Works?

Nail guns, which were first introduced in 1950, used air pressure, and they were stand-up versions. The handheld nail guns, however, were rolled out in the 1960s. Electric nail guns came out later, and they either come in corded or cordless versions. The electric nail guns feature a compressible string inside instead of relying on air pressure. It is positioned right behind the nail’s flat head. As you pull the nail gun’s trigger, the spring quickly releases with enough force as it hits the nail’s flat top. This force drives the nail out hard onto the material you would like to attach.

Nail guns come with two essential tasks. First, it needs to complete each shot. Second, it should also load the next one. So, when you pull the trigger, the nail gun will power its piston into a blade that shoots the nail into its target. Once the nail gets fired, the nail gun needs to load another nail from its magazine. 

The main difference among nail guns is the force origin for propelling the piston. This source of force is either pneumatic or electric. Yet, there are also instances when the source of force is combustion.

What Are the ideal Applications of Electric Nail Guns?

If you are engaged in heavy-duty applications like roofing, framing, and flooring, you might as well go for the pneumatic nail guns. But this doesn’t mean that no electric nail guns can handle such heavy-duty tasks. However, many users currently confine electric nail guns to light-duty jobs.

Electric corded nail guns come with less weight compared to pneumatic nailers. So, they are less tiring to use than the pneumatic ones. However, the cordless ones are heavier because of the added weight of the batteries. You can use the electric nail guns for various applications, including furniture and other delicate works.


Although the electric nail guns don’t have more power than pneumatic ones, they are still “works-in-progress” and continuously improve at a rapid clip. So, you can expect some remarkable improvements in the coming years from the electric corded nailers. Besides, battery technology is also rapidly improving, and thus, you can expect the cordless electric nailer to improve further in the coming years. 

Some of the advantages of electric corded nailers include the convenience of use and portability. However, you need to be near a power outlet to operate this nailer, unlike the cordless electric ones, which you can carry around anywhere you would like to use them. Yet, compared to the battery-powered ones, you get a continuous supply of power for the corded nailers as long as they get plugged into an electrical outlet.

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