Best Budget Belt Sanders for Sanding Floor

Sanding wood floor with the entry-level affordable belt sander.

Sanding is undoubtedly crucial to a successful floor finishing or refinishing project. As such, it will be best if you don’t sidestep the sanding process, even if you feel impatient in engaging in it and even if you have a limited budget to buy the best belt sander. You can always look for a budget belt sander to avoid spending much and denting your savings if you’ve got budget issues. 

Some power tool manufacturers, of course, understand that their belt sander products must be made available to ordinary consumers. As such, they’ve decided to roll out budget-friendly belt sanders that are meant for budget-conscious DIYers and woodworkers.

Best Budget & Affordable Belt Sanders for Sanding Floor

Aside from knowing the succinct factors to consider when selecting a budget belt sander, it will also help if you know the following most recommended budget belt sanders in the market today to narrow down your options to the best options:


One excellent budget belt sander is the CRAFTSMAN CMEW213. The CRAFTSMAN CMEW213 runs by a seven-amp electric motor that provides enough power to this belt sander. A distinctive feature of this belt sander is its belt angle. 

When using this belt sander, you will notice a bit of slowing down once you equip this sander with a large grit belt. Yet, it will never be an issue in its performance. Another thing is that its back roller and the front roller are not of equal sizes, the back roller being larger than that of the front roller, which produces a distinct belt path (tapered). 

This tapered design allows for closer sanding of adjoining surfaces. One downside of using this Craftsman CMEW213 is its single speed. 

Nevertheless, it is capable of 800 FPM maximum speed. This max speed indicates that it will take longer to smooth or remove materials. 

You will find its primary handle easy to grip being over-molded, especially if you have larger hands. The secondary handle, however, is not very ergonomic. Additionally, you should remember that you should distribute the weight on the rear when using this belt sander. 


  • The over-molded handle offers better comfort level
  • Comes with an angled belt
  • Easy to use and operate


  • Comes only with a single speed

2) Ryobi BE319

A small belt sander option is the Ryobi BE319. It is easy to maneuver into difficult angles and spaces. Moreover, it is only slightly six inches taller and weighs 6.18 pounds. It features two handles (rubberized) for a firmer grip and more comfort. Thus, even if you have sweaty palms, you can easily grip this belt sander. 

Despite being less expensive, it is capable of handling medium-sized sanding jobs. It comes with a six-amp motor, giving it enough power to accomplish every sanding job. One downside is it does not have variable speed. It only has a single speed of 320 FPM. Thus, it is perfect for finishing tasks. 

The BE319 also features a dust collection bag attachable to a port on the unit’s top. This small bag isn’t enough to capture all dust. Thus, you would surely want to connect the sander to a vacuum. 


  • Easy to use and handle
  • Comes with ergonomic handles
  • Features a dust collection bag and a port for connecting your vacuum. 


  • Not that powerful and suitable only for finishing jobs
  • Features a single speed

3) GALAX PRO 120-380RPM

Among the budget belt sanders listed here, the GALAX PRO 120-380RPM got the most robust motor in terms of amps (8-amp). Besides, what makes this belt sander a favorite is its variable speed. It has a switch for varying its speed to match your sanding needs. It also comes with a long cord for easy movement and sanding consistency. 

Another thing is that it allows for easy belt change. You can quickly release the belt to replace it. Thus, it won’t take you much time to replace the blade. This belt sander kit also comes with an easy-to-empty vacuum bag. 

Compared to other sanders in this list, this sander is larger. It is also bulkier, weighing around nine pounds. So, it is more difficult to handle and maneuver than the other belt sanders.


  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Offers ease of mobility with its long cord
  • Provides easy blade change


  • Doesn’t have a vacuum hookup
  • Bulkier and heavier

4) WEN 6321

Another excellent budget belt sander is the WEN 6321. It features a seven-amp motor designed to handle small and medium sanding jobs. It is also capable of 820 FPM and is a bit faster than the CRAFTSMAN belt sander. It also only offers a single-speed rotation. You will find this belt sander a bit slow in stripping topcoats.

Nevertheless, it is lightweight and compact. With its small profile, it is easy to maneuver and handle. It also weighs slightly more than six pounds, and for this reason, it would not tire your hands quickly. Its most distinct feature is its additional safety feature (lock-in), allowing you to free the trigger while it works. Thus, you can avoid having muscle cramps afterward.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Comes with a lock-in feature
  • Features a compact body


  • Its dust bag is a little small

Factors to Consider When Buying Quality Budget Belt Sanders

To zero in on a suitable budget belt sander, you need to know the succinct criteria of a quality belt sander. The following straightforward factors to consider when choosing a budget belt sander can help you find the right belt sander for your sanding needs:

Build and Quality

When choosing a belt sander, you should go for the brand reputation for manufacturing rugged and durable belt sander models. Moreover, the product should have an excellent design. It should be easy to use and operate and allow enough versatility for sanding hard-to-reach areas. It should also be made of durable materials to ensure the longevity of usage.


Another factor you should consider when buying a budget belt sander is its power. Even if you buy a budget belt sander, you should choose something with a powerful motor. Choose something with higher amps for the higher the motor’s amp is, the more powerful it is. Moreover, the more powerful the belt sander is, the more materials it can strip off the wood surface.

Weight and Comfort Level Afforded by Its Use

Another factor is the weight of the belt sander. The belt sander’s weight will figure well in the level of fatigue you will experience while using it. Moreover, the belt sander should have ergonomic handles to lessen hand fatigue due to vibration transfer during sanding. 

Other Extra Features

It will also help to look for extra features like speed controls. It should allow for variable speed to let you match the sanding speed with the needed sanding speed of your work. Another added feature is the warranty coverage. Look for something that offers good warranty coverage.


You don’t need to spend more on a belt sander if you know which budget-friendly belt sanders to choose. The fact is that some budget-friendly belt sanders do not compromise on quality. Thus, you don’t need to break the bank if you know which one to choose. Moreover, it’s a good thing some manufacturers understand that not all can buy expensive quality belt sanders. So, they are rolling out affordable belt sanders that offer quality and efficiency. 

Buying a budget belt sander will be your best option if you are on a budget. Any of the abovementioned models will provide you with a solid sanding experience and address your DIY sanding needs. As long as you know the said budget-friendly options, you will never be amiss in your choice. 

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