Best Belt Sanders for Woodworking 2022

belt sanders for woodworking projects.

Many DIYers would sidestep the sanding process when engaged in a woodworking project because sanding is time-consuming and exhausting. However, reasons abound as to why you should sand wood pieces for your project. First, it can do away with splinters and smoothen the surface. It can also prepare the wood for staining. Moreover, it can round edges and remove the old finish. Besides, it eliminates scratches and blade marks.

Understanding the importance of sanding would surely make you want to own the best belt sander for your woodworking projects. The best belt sander can enable you to prepare the wood surface for stain or paints. Additionally, compared to hand sanding, the belt sander will enable you to save time and effort when sanding. As such, it is a tool that every woodworker should investing in.

Most Recommended Woodworking Belt Sanders

The market is awash with various belt sanders, making the choosing process for a belt sander a bit confusing. To help you zero in on the best belt sander for your needs, it will help to check out the following most recommended belt sanders by the experts:

1) MAKITA 9403

One of the best options at hand is the Makita 9403. It is a powerful belt sander that features an eleven-ampere motor. Thus, it offers remarkable power and speed that allows for easy use. Despite its power, it doesn’t make too much noise. So, you won’t disturb others when using it. You can use it efficiently for stock removal. Woodworkers, furniture makers, carpenters, and artisans will indeed benefit from the use of this belt sander. 

It features electronic control of its speed, allowing you to maintain a consistent speed when operating. It also features a four-inch belt. Moreover, it is capable of a maximum speed of 1,640 feet per minute, perfect for quick stock removal. Besides, it only produces a noise level of 84dB, making it one of the less noisy sanders. 

Its efficiency is undoubtedly remarkable. It is also very durable, with sealed bearings and motor. It also comes with an ergonomic design, allowing for a convenient grip with its large grip handle. Besides, it features a dust bag that rotates 360 degrees.


  • Offers one of the quietest operations in its class
  • Its belt size is extensive
  • Allows for a large front grip
  • Features a labyrinth construction for enhanced protection


  • Only runs at a single speed


Another excellent option is the CRAFTSMAN CMEW213. This belt sander is a high-quality sanding belt equipped with a seven-ampere motor. It can provide you with 800 RPM maximum speed, allowing for the quick removal of material. It also features a grit belt (3″x21″). 

This belt sander comes with an angled design to sand various surfaces. It also features a molded handle that lets you comfortably use it. 

The CRAFTSMAN CMEW213 works cleanly with its dust bag that efficiently collects dust and debris. You can remove this dust bag to unload the dust inside. Besides, you can quickly release its belt for easy changing of the belt.


  • Powerful enough with its 800 Maximum RPM
  • Allows for ease of belt removal and replacement
  • The angled design allows for efficient sanding


  • Produces high-level of noise

3) WEN 6502T

Another excellent option is the WEN 6502T. This one is a belt and disc sander that allows for dual-purpose functionality. Moreover, its belt allows for flexible maximum 90-degree tilting. This dual-purpose sander is robust enough, allowing for a reduced vibration operation. Its amp motor allows for a maximum of 3600 RPM. Additionally, you can quickly replace its sandpaper grit with its easy-to-release tension lever. 

As you compare this belt sander to other belt sanders, you can vouch for its being one of the best belt sanders in the market today. You can use it to sand any workpiece you would like to sand. Besides, its base, made of cast-iron is remarkably durable, and with its adjustable belt, you will indeed find this belt sander an excellent choice.


  • Comes with an adjustable belt
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty cast iron base
  • Features a dust port
  • Comes with a splined belt that appears to be very durable
  • Inexpensive


  • The dust port seems flimsy
  • The miter gauge is almost useless

4) SKIL 6 Amp 7510-01

Another highly recommended belt sander is the SKIL 6 Amp 7510-01. This belt sander comes with some distinct features compared to other belt sanders. Besides, this belt sander carries the first-ever feedback system (electronic). This feedback system is pressure controlled. 

The good thing about this belt sander is its automatic belt adjustment. You don’t need to adjust its belt manually because its belt alignment system has an auto-track feature. This feature allows for the automatic centering of the belt. Moreover, you can remove its belt quickly and install the new belt with precision. 

This belt sander also features a see-through dust bag that allows you to monitor and know if the pack is full. It also comes with a filtration system (micro). Plus, it features a vacuum attachment port that suits and fits most vacuum hoses. Thus, this belt sander allows for a clean operation. 


  • Features a pressure-controlled technology
  • Comes with a micro-filtration
  • Features a transparent dust canister
  • Offers an automatic track system
  • Allows for ease of belt changing


  • Cords can get in the way

5) GALAX PRO 120-380RPM

Another excellent belt sander option is the GALAX PRO 120-380RPM. It is run by an eight-ampere motor that makes it perfect for sanding extensive areas like decks and floorboards. Its motor also offers changeable speed control for efficient stock removal. 

Its speed dial allows for optimum use of this belt sander. It also comes with a belt system that automatically adjusts itself. Moreover, it comes with a lock-on button for consistent and continuous operation. 

The GALAX PRO 120-380RPM comes with a lengthy cable for ease of movement. It also features a useful dust bag, allowing for cleaner operation. Furthermore, it features an ergonomic handle with a soft grip for maximum comfort while operating it. This belt sander kit also comes with five sanding belts. Lastly, this sander also allows quick belt change, reducing downtime.  


  • Features a dust bag for cleaner operation
  • Motor speed is adjustable 
  • Usable for sanding different material types
  • Features a durable machine
  • Offers efficient and easy operation


  • Too loud when operating
  • The dust collection system seems to be small

Factors You Should Look for in a Belt Sander

Aside from knowing which belt sanders the experts recommend, it will also help if you know the following essential factors to look for in a belt sander to let you zero in on the best belt sander in the market today:


When choosing a belt sander, you need to check the motor power of your prospective options. You will find, for example, cordless and corded belt sanders. Of course, the corded offers consistent power than the cordless variant. But the range of most belt sander’s motor is from six to twelve ampere. Such a range is enough for almost all your sanding needs. Nevertheless, it will be best to go for more powerful belt sanders if you deal with larger projects. 


Belt sanders usually rotate at a certain speed, measured in RPM or Feet Per Second. RPM refers to revolution per minute. As you search around for the best belt sander, you will find that most belt sanders have a speed ranging from 1500 RPM to 2000 RPM. You will also find belt sanders with dual-speed options. However, some offer variable speed options that are ideal for different sanding tasks.

Type of Sander

When shopping around for a belt sander, you need to choose which type of belt sander to select. Belt sanders come in two distinct types: handheld and stationary belt sanders. The handheld, of course, is portable, and you can carry it around anywhere you need to sand. 

The stationary, however, is mainly used in carpentry shops where woodworking tasks get mostly done. So, at the onset, it will be best to decide between these two types of belt sanders when shopping around for the best belt sander.

Belt Size

The belt size is another crucial factor when choosing a belt sander. The belt, of course, is the most critical component of the belt sander. Hence, you should carefully consider its size. Stationary belt sanders usually have larger belts, while portable ones carry smaller belts. 

The usual range of belt sizes is from four inches by thirty-six inches to six inches by forty-eight inches. The portable ones are from three inches by twenty-one inches to four inches by twenty-four inches. It will be best to choose something with the correct belt size for your needs. 

Ease of Changing Belt

Another factor to consider is the ease of changing the belt. Your choice should allow for quick-changing of the belt. It should also come with a lever mechanism that allows quick belt change.

Additional Features

Aside from the abovementioned factors, you should also check for added features that could make sanding easy and efficient for you. Look, for example, for belt sanders with an excellent dust-extraction feature. 

Check for belt sanders with an auto-track system. This auto-track system allows for self-centering your sanding belt to eliminate minor risks of accidents and quicken the sanding belt’s centering process. It should also have a filtration system and many other helpful features.


There are many reasons why you should look for the best belt sander for your woodworking projects. Reasons like the ease of belt changing, portability, dust collection system, speed variation, and self-centering sanding belt are only some of these reasons that could make the sanding process easy for you using the best belt sander. 

Yet, one succinct reason is the capability of the best belt sander to raise your level of woodworking a notch higher. With the right belt sander, you can enhance the results of your woodworking tasks. Besides, you can save time and energy if you have the best belt sander in the market today because the best sander can prepare wood surfaces quickly and easily for staining or painting.

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