Best 3×21 Belt Sanders

Various uses and applications of 3x21 sized belt sander.
Using the 3×21 belt sander is one of the simple and budgeted to get your hardwood floor sanded.

Sanding is really an unpleasant task, and nobody that I know would love to do it. But do you know what is more unpleasant than sanding? Well, in my experience, ending up with a lousy finishing result because you did not want sand adequately is more distressing than the sanding process itself. Sanding, however, becomes less unpleasant if you have the best sanding tools at hand, and one of the best sanding equipment is the belt sander. 

Belt sanders, of course, have not changed for a very long time, and they have remained pretty straightforward to use. They are perfect for tackling sanding jobs necessitating heavy and rugged sanding using a coarse-grit sandpaper. Moreover, they feature more powerful motors and are more powerful than orbital sanders. They also have a spinning sandpaper belt, and for this reason, they are referred to as “belt sanders.”

Most Recommended 3×21 Belt Sanders

If you’re a beginner in the use of belt sander, you might get a tad confused about which belt sander to choose for your sanding needs. It will help, therefore, if you are familiar with the following most recommended 3×21 belt sanders in the market today:         

1) Genesis GBS321A

If you’re looking for the best 3×21 belt sander, you should check out the Genesis GBS321A. It features a design that allows you to sand through difficult-to-reach spots. Hence, it is perfect for smaller sanding projects that require aggressive sanding. Its versatility will surely suit well with your sanding works and would not disappoint you. Hence, this belt sander model is popular among many DIYers and contractors. 

The Genesis GBS321A can deliver consistently excellent results. It comes with a powerful motor (8-amp). It also has a speed dial (electronic), allowing you to dictate its sanding speed.

Its low-profile design allows for excellent stability while sanding. Besides, its flat sides will enable you to use it in tight spots. Moreover, you don’t need prior adjustments to keep the belt on track with its automatic tracking system. You can also quickly change its blade using a single lever. It comes with a long power cord (6.5″). 

However, if you are expecting cleanliness from this device, I think you will get a bit disappointed because its dust collection system isn’t the best that you can find out there. Your neighbors might also get surprised by its noisy operation. But it is indeed one of the best 3×21 belt sanders out there in the market that experts would not shy away from recommending.  


  • Offers enough versatility as a belt sander
  • Features excellent speed control
  • Highly efficient as a sander
  • Easy to use
  • Allows for quick blade change 


  • Dust collection system might be an issue
  • Noisy operations


Another excellent option is the CRAFTSMAN CMEW213. This belt sander comes with a great motor (7-amp), enough to provide this belt sander with consistent performance. It is perfect for intermediate and beginner’s use. 

You will find its speeds a bit slowing down when you use large grit belts. Yet, this slowing down will be a non-issue. One distinct characteristic of this belt sander is its larger back roller compared to its front roller. Thus, this sander is perfect for a closer sanding of adjoining surfaces. 

The CRAFTSMAN CMEW213 runs at a max speed of 800 FPM. One downside of buying this item is its single speed. It also offers a quick belt release without using any tool. Thus, you can easily change its belt. 

It is easy to use with its large handle and secondary front handle. Moreover, its weight distribution leans more on its rear side. It also comes with a three-year warranty.


  • Its handle is perfect for large hands
  • Features a belt design that is angled
  • Comes with a limited three-year warranty


  • Makes much vibrational noise
  • Perfect only for intermediate and small sanding projects

3) Metabo HPT Belt Sander

The Metabo HPT Belt Sander comes with a powerful motor (9-amp), allowing you to use it for challenging sanding tasks. It is a heavy-duty belt sander that does not overheat after extended use. It also offers variable speeds for managing your sanding speed. 

The Metabo HPT allows for better visibility of the surface you are sanding with its transparent front cover. Besides, its dust collection bag makes the operation of this belt sander a bit cleaner. Its handles also feature a soft-grip (elastomer) for comfort when sanding. Besides, it comes with a five-year limited warranty.


  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Offers comfortable handle
  • Features a collection bag


  • Takes time to get used to it

4) WEN 6321 

The WEN 6321 is another excellent option if you’re looking for a 3×21 belt sander. It features a seven-amp motor that offers a maximum rotation of 820 FPM. Hence, this belt sander can do any project you have with efficiency. It is lightweight and compact, reducing fatigue and allowing you to work longer. 

The WEN 6321 is easy to use. It comes with an additional safety function (lock-in) to ensure that you grip the trigger well. It also comes with an adjustment knob to adjust its track and make sure that the belt works fine. 

Moreover, it comes with a quick-release feature for ease of changing sandpapers. You can also use this belt sander to reach corners and tight spots because of its extended front roller. The kit includes an 80-grit sanding belt and additional belts for continuous work. 


  • Compact and lightweight for prolonged usage
  • Offers variable speed for greater versatility
  • Comes with a quick-release feature for ease of sandpaper change


  • The dust collection system is wanting
  • Doesn’t come with a storage bag

5) Jellas BS750

The Jellas BS750 may not be a well-known brand that would ring a bell on your ear, but it doesn’t follow that it is not a great choice. This belt sander offers variable speeds, just like the previously mentioned belt sanders. 

It also comes with a port for dust collection that allows you to connect your dust collection system to it. Plus, it comes with a dial system that lets you manage its speed. Moreover, it is easy to use and handle with its better-grip feature that raises the level of comfort of its use. 

This kit also comes with all the necessary things you need to start sanding. It also comes with an excellent motor (7-amp) that is powerful enough for making all the required sanding tasks you would like to engage in. 

You can also clamp it to your tabletop. Lastly, it doesn’t have a locking mechanism, and its spring load seems to be not sturdy enough to prevent it from moving.


  • Easy to use
  • Offers comfortable grip
  • Features variable speed
  • Comes with everything you need to start sanding


  • Doesn’t come with a locking mechanism
  • Its spring load might not be that strong

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a 3×21 Belt Sander

As mentioned above, the choosing process of a 3×21 belt sander might get confusing, given the myriads of options at hand. Yet, if you are cognizant of the following essential factors to consider when choosing a belt sander, you will indeed zero in on the best 3×21 belt sander for your sanding needs:


One critical factor to consider when choosing a belt sander is its power. It should have a powerful motor because you will use the sander to remove as much material from the wood surface. It should also be able to deal with various sanding tasks with ease.


You would surely want to buy something that will last longer. The reason is that you value your money, and you want something worth buying. So, durability is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a belt sander, for you will use the belt sander for challenging sanding tasks. Hence, it should be durable and offer value for your money.

Level of Comfort Provided

You will be holding your belt sander for a long duration when sanding. So, chances are, if it doesn’t come with a comfortable grip and handle, you will tire your hands quickly. After continuous usage, the vibrations will weigh on your hands and tire your hands rapidly if the sander doesn’t offer an ergonomic grip and handle. So, when choosing a belt sander, look for something that offers maximum comfort, something with an ergonomic design.

Variable Speed

Another factor to consider is variable speed. It should offer variable speed settings to allow you to manage well the speed of the sander. With variable speed, you can match the speed of the sander with the task at hand. 

Ease of Use

If you’re a beginner, you need something that offers ease of use. It should also allow for ease of learning its use. If you struggle to master its use because it is not user-friendly, it will be challenging to use. So, go for something user-friendly when buying a belt sander. 


Sanding is a required process if you are refinishing or applying a new finishing to wood. It can remove damages and dents on wood surfaces, leading to a smooth finish that you would surely appreciate. Sanding, however, is an exhausting process that could be unpleasant to do. Yet, if you got the right sanding tools, you can facilitate the sanding process for you. 

Given the many brands and models of sanders at hand, you might get confused during the choosing process. So, you need to be appropriately guided on which is best to choose among the myriads of belt sanders at hand. Your choice, of course, can make the sanding process easy or difficult for you.

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