Best Sliding Miter Saws for Homeowner 2022

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Given these myriads of options, you will indeed get confused. Thus, you need to know the most recommended home-use sliding miter saws to narrow down your choices. Moreover, it will help to know the crucial factors to consider when choosing a sliding miter saw to zero in on the ideal one for your home needs.

The current situation has sparked a new love for woodworking among homeowners who spend more time at home like never before. So, if you’re one of these homeowners—who got ample time to engage in DIY woodworking tasks—you might as well consider buying the best sliding miter saw for homeowners. 

As someone new to woodworking, you will find choosing the best sliding miter saw a bit confusing. Besides, the moment you decide to buy a sliding miter saw, you will get confronted with an array of brands and models of sliding miter saws. 

Most Recommended Sliding Miter Saws for Home Uses & Homeowners

If you are still at a loss as to which sliding miter saw to choose, it will be best to limit your options to the most recommended sliding miter saw models by the experts. Below is a rundown of these most recommended sliding miter saws in the market today:

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1) DeWalt DWS779

The DeWalt DWS779 is a 12″ sliding miter saw (compound). It’s a beast. It can cut through various types of materials of a maximum thickness of 6.75 inches. So, it is pretty impressive. This sliding miter saw comes with a detent plate made of stainless steel. It also comes with ten positive stops. 

It can deliver exact miter angles and comes with high sliding fences. This miter saw also can bevel beyond that of 45 degrees on either side.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in dust bag that prevents your workshop from getting messy. This dust bag can also help keep you from the risk of having to inhale lots of dust. The downside of buying this sliding miter saw is that it is a bit expensive. 


  • Can cut long lumber (2×16) 
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Features a powerful motor (15-amp)
  • With a built-in dust collector system


  • Bulky and heavy
  • It is expensive

2) Bosch GCM12SD 12-inch

As a homeowner, another excellent option you have is the Bosch GCM12SD. This sliding miter saw is a 12″ miter saw that features sterling innovations. This miter saw comes with an Axial-Glide system that utilizes a gliding arm. So, it doesn’t make use of the standard sliding rail. With this feature, this saw doesn’t take much space in your workshop.

Nevertheless, you can still make broad cuts using this miter saw. It also prevents the miter saw from malfunctioning due to the buildup of dust. Thus, you get assured that this miter saw will last longer than other options. With its glide arm, this saw is perfect for those with cramped workshops. 

The Bosch GCM12SD comes with an ergonomic handle and a comfortable trigger. It also comes powered by a 15-amp motor that allows it to cut almost all types of materials. Moreover, it comes with an innovative blade brake for additional safety. It also features seven bevel stops. Besides, it’s easy to set up and use. 


  • Impressive design
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Features ergonomic design of handle and trigger
  • Easy to control glide movement


  • Quite expensive
  • A bit bulky

3) Hitachi C10FCG

Another excellent option for homeowners is the Hitachi C10FCG. This miter saw is a versatile one, and it looks amazing. It gets powered by a 15-amp motor that can enable this miter saw to cut different materials. It is also capable of achive a no-load speed of 3,200 RPM and is good enough for light to medium cutting tasks. 

The Hitachi C10FCG comes with a gliding system with a laser marker. Thus, it is easy to use when making cuts for framing pieces. You can also adjust this system according to your liking. Its miter angle range is from zero to fifty-two degrees. Thus, it can provide clean and accurate bevel cuts. 

It also features ease of adjustment. It comes with a positive stop (thumb-activated). It likewise features a dust collector system for reducing the spread of dust particles. Moreover, this machine also features a clamping system (vise).


  • Comes with a thumb-activated stop
  • Powerful enough to handle different types of materials
  • Gliding system (laser marker)
  • Features a lightweight construction
  • Flexible and easy to set up


  • The user manual is a bit complex

4) Ryobi Sliding Mitre Saw

The Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw is a 10-amp miter saw that comes with a 7.25″ saw blade. This one is a compact miter saw that comes with much power. This miter saw can help you make precise crosscuts on baseboards, crown moldings, and 2x4s. Moreover, this miter saw can create perfect miter cuts up to forty-five degrees. It also features 0°, 22.5°, and 31.6° positive stops. 

This miter saw is a single bevel one; hence, you will find it hard to make bevel cuts using this miter saw. But you can produce bevel cuts. Nevertheless, you need to reorient the wood piece every time you want to make bevel cuts. 

The Ryobi Sliding Miter Saw also comes with an LED indicator to help you have better visibility of the cutline. This feature will indeed improve the visibility of your workpiece. It also comes with a comfortable handle with a “D” design. Plus, it comes with a spindle lock for easy saw blade change. Besides, it comes with an electric blade brake for a higher level of safety when working with this miter saw.


  • With LED light for greater visibility while working
  • Features blade brake for safer cutting
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to adjust 


  • It is more suited for right-handed users

5) Metabo C12RSH2S

This saw is a 12″ miter saw (compound) perfect for hobbyists and professionals. It is pretty robust with a 12″ saw blade. It is likewise safe to use with its transparent blade guard. You can use this sliding miter saw to cut larger and wider workpieces, given its powerful motor. 

The C12RSH2S comes with a larger base plate. It is also perfect for making longer cuts. Moreover, it makes the cutting process easy. It also comes with a base extension that you can adjust with ease. Plus, it is equipped with a tall sliding fence for easy positioning and cutting of materials. 

The C12RSH2S comes with a Laser guide for cutting your material safely. This laser guide allows you to see the line of cut with ease. Overall, this sliding miter saw is quite a good choice. 


  • Perfect for right and left-handed users
  • Comes with a dual-bevel system
  • With a dust bag for a cleaner workplace
  • Heavy duty with its 12-inch saw blade


  • Difficult to make bevel adjustment

6) The SKIL 3821-01

The SKIL 3821-01 comes with a powerful 15-amp motor. This motor is capable of up to 4500 RPM. Moreover, it can provide you with laser-like cuts. You can use this miter saw for cutting different types of materials. Besides, it comes with a table extender on each side. So, you can work with larger workpieces using this sliding miter saw. 

The SKIL 3821-01 allows you to cut perfectly. It is also easy to adjust and set up. Furthermore, it features an easy-to-mount system to allow you to use this miter saw immediately. It also comes with nine positive stops for making common miter cuts. 


  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Offers customized speed in cutting
  • Useful for beginners and experienced woodworkers


  • Expensive
  • Heavy and not much portable

Essential Factors Homeowners Should Consider When Buying a Sliding Miter Saw

After knowing the most recommended sliding miter saw for homeowners, you will surely inch closer to finding the ideal sliding miter saw for your needs. However, it will also help if you are familiar with the following essential factors to consider when buying a sliding miter saw for homeowners:


One factor that you need to consider when buying a sliding miter saw is its power. With a powerful miter saw, you can deal with all types of material you would like to cut. Moreover, you can engage in heavy workloads with a powerful miter saw. The capacity and power of the miter saw will determine the efficiency and effectiveness of its use. Moreover, the works you can achieve will depend on how powerful your machine is. 

Of course, to choose a powerful miter saw, you need to check its motor. Go for something with a 15-amp motor. Besides, it will help to check its maximum rotational speed. If it is 3500 RPM or more, then it is excellent enough for your use.

Blade Size

The saw blade size is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a miter saw. The blade size, of course, entails the diameter of the saw blade and the kerf of the saw blade. It will also help to remember that you need to choose blade size according to its cutting size. 

If you intend to produce more significant cuts, you should go for larger blades. The larger the saw blade, of course, the deeper it can cut. Your choice of the saw blade will also depend on what material you will cut. Hence, it will be best to have more types of saw blades at your disposal


Of course, you wouldn’t want something that can’t provide you with highly accurate cuts. As a homeowner, you would like a miter saw that can offer you the most precise cuts. This is because your projects will benefit your home. 

Precision spells out the difference between a good and bad finished project. So, it is but reasonable to go for a miter saw that cuts precisely.

Portability and Size

Suppose you’re the type of homeowner who doesn’t have a fixed workshop. You might be wanting something that you can carry around with ease to the place where you would cut the workpieces. So, you might as well consider the portability of the saw. 

Moreover, if your home workshop is not that spacious, you don’t want a miter saw that would occupy much space in that workshop. You want something that is easy to carry around and not bulky enough to occupy much space. Besides, when not in use, the miter saw should be easy to store away.

Safety Features

Another factor you must consider is the safety level afforded by the sliding miter saw. So, you need to check out the safety features afforded by the prospective model. First, check if it has an electric blade brake. This feature can save you from accidental cuts because it stops the blade when you turn it off. 

You should also check if it has a laser guide or LED feature. These features can help you work better by having extra illumination while working. It should also have an excellent blade guard.


As a consumer, you need to be protected from unscrupulous sellers or manufacturers. These sellers and manufacturers are only out there to hoodwink you of your hard-earned money without providing you with excellent products. So, one safeguard against these unscrupulous manufacturers is the warranty that comes with the product. 

The warranty should be reasonable. The manufacturers should cover any issues that may arise within the period covered by the warranty. In this way, you will feel valued as a consumer and get protected from unscrupulous manufacturers and sellers.

Extra Features

The sliding miter saw should come with other features that could facilitate and enhance its use. For example, it may not be a requirement to have a laser guide on your miter saw. But if you have one, it is a bonus factor. 

Additionally, if you buy something that comes with a dust collection system, it is a plus factor that could solve the problem concomitant with the dust produced by the cutting process. So, better check for these added features when buying a sliding miter saw.


Another factor worth considering when choosing a sliding miter saw is its design. Designs may come in different types. But these designs usually can be either compact or lightweight. You can find sliding miter saws with a compact design. The compact design allows the miter saw to utilize only a limited working space. Thus, if your workshop is highly congested or cramped, you can always go for something with a compact design. 

Yet, you will seldom find a 12″ miter saw with a compact design. So, if you want power, you need to compromise on your miter saw’s size. An example of a 12” miter saw with a compact design is the Bosch GCM12SD.

On the other hand, you can also settle for a miter saw with a lightweight design. If you are an itinerant woodworker who carries your things to different workplaces, you can settle for the lightweight sliding miter saw. 


Another important consideration that could either limit your options is your budget. You can only buy a sliding miter saw within your budget. So, before shopping for a miter saw, you should look at your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you know the most recommended ones and the essential factors, you are now in an excellent position to make the right choice when buying a sliding miter saw. Yet, it will also help if you are cognizant of the following FAQs about sliding miter saws, for these questions might also be the questions you have in mind:

Are the Compound Miter Saw and a Sliding Compound Miter Saw Different From Each Other?

The compound sliding miter and the compound miter saws differ from each other in design. The compound sliding miter saw allows for forward and backward movements of the saw blade, which lets you cut wider boards. The compound miter saws, however, are perfect for making angled cuts. They come with saw blades that could pivot to the left or right.

What is the Ideal Miter Saw for Home Usage?

There are various sliding miter saws in the market, and finding the ideal one for homeowner’s use can be confusing. Yet, if you know the abovementioned most recommended sliding miter saws and the factors to consider when buying one, you can settle for the ideal sliding miter saw for your use. 

Does the Compound Miter Saw Differ From a Sliding Miter Saw?

Well, they do differ from each other in their designs. The compound miter saw is designed to cut specific materials with specified width. The sliding miter saw, however, has an expanded ability to cut broader materials. 

Should I Choose a 10″ or a 12″ Miter Saw?

If you are a DIYer who engages in DIY projects, the ten-inch sliding miter saw will be perfect for you. However, if you are always engaged in cutting larger-sized boards, you should go for the twelve-inch one. 

What are the Advantages of Using a Sliding Miter Saw?

As mentioned above, the sliding miter saw has a more expended cutting capacity. It can cut wider boards because of its sliding arm. You can move its blade backward and forward for a more expanded reach. 

Is It Worth Buying a Sliding Miter Saw?

Well, I think having a sliding miter saw is already a plus factor in your woodworking activities. But it is worth buying if you will need to cut wider boards in most of your tasks. It can make your work easier, and you can cut faster.


If you are aching to raise your level of woodworking skills a notch higher as a DIYer at home, you should aim to get a sliding miter saw. The sliding compound miter saw comes with guide rails that allow the head of the saw to move forward and backward. The sliding compound miter saw can also make bevel and miter cuts. It can also let you cut longer workpieces. 

The main advantage, of course, of the sliding compound miter saw is its ability to cut wider pieces of wood. The standard miter saw can only cut up to 8” wide material. However, the sliding miter saw can let you cut up to 16” wide materials. 

One disadvantage, however, of a sliding compound miter saw is its higher price. If you’re a starter, you may find the sliding compound miter saw expensive. But it will be good to note that the sliding compound miter saw is a worthwhile investment.

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