Best Circular Saws for Beginners 2022

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beginner woodworker use circular saw to cut mdf boad.

The global market for circular saw blades is expected to reach 14,991.3 million dollars in the year 2030. This expected growth is only indicative of the growing importance of circular saws in woodworking. So, if you are a beginner in woodworking, always consider buying yourself a circular saw, for it is an indispensable tool in kickstarting your woodworking endeavors.

Compared to other saws like the jigsaw, you will find the circular saw more powerful. Having a circular saw is like having a table saw that you could conveniently bring to any workplace. Moreover, circular saws excel in reducing larger man-made boards into manageable pieces. 

There’s a learning curve in the operation of the circular saw. And you need to learn how to use it properly, for improper use might put you at risk of injuring yourself. Hence, it will be best to check for the circular saw’s safety features when selecting a circular saw.

Best Circular Saws that Most Suitable for Beginners

If you are a beginner—who wants to get the hang of the circular saw—it will be best to know the following most recommended circular saws for beginners in the market today. In this way, you can quickly zero in on the ideal circular saw for your use:

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1) DeWalt DWE575SB

DeWalt is a highly respected brand that keeps on churning quality circular saws. One such circular saw, the DWE575SB, is perfect for beginners in woodworking. This circular saw is powerful, yet it is smaller than other circular saws. It weighs less than nine pounds. Yet, it is capable of 5200 RPM. You can use this circular saw to resize boards. It is easy to use and set up. It also comes with a dust blower that lets you cut efficiently. 

The DWE575SB is durable. It also has a ToughCord system that prevents unnecessary pullouts of the cord. Moreover, it comes with an electric brake with a lower guard equipped with a ball bearing. These two features combine for an easy and smooth retraction. With smooth retraction, you can keep your circular saw in top shape.


  • Capable of high RPM
  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Comes with an integrated dust blower
  • Features a ToughCord System for preventing cord pullouts
  • With electric blade brake


  • Characterized by more vibrations

2) Rockwell Versacut RK3440K

If you’re a newbie in woodworking, you would need something easy to operate. Hence, you should check out the Rockwell RK3440K. It comes with a streamlined design that makes it easy to control. It may be small, but the RK3440K is a powerful circular saw. It can help you get through most DIY tasks. Moreover, it comes with a laser guide to help you get an accurate cut. 

The Rockwell RK3440K can cut a variety of materials like plastics, ceramic tiles, and woods. It can also cut some metals like sheet metal and aluminum. Unlike other circular saws, this circular saw kit comes with three saw blades. 

First, it comes with a carbide-tipped blade with 24 teeth. It also comes with an HSS blade with 44 teeth to enable you to cut aluminum and PVC. Moreover, it comes with a diamond blade to help you cut cement boards and ceramic tiles. 


  • Ideal for light projects
  • Easy to handle and portable
  • Comes with three blades
  • It is lightweight


  • Not designed for heavy-duty jobs


Another excellent option for beginners in woodworking is the BDECS300C. This circular saw is lightweight to allow for easy maneuvering and handling. Hence, with its lightweight design, you will not fatigue your hands and muscles quickly. 

Though it is light, it comes with a powerful motor. It features a 13-amp motor that delivers enough power to the saw blade. Thus, with this circular saw, you can cut almost any material you are working on.

Additionally, it comes with a laser guide that lights up the cutline for increased accuracy. It also comes with a spindle lock for easy changing of blade. 

Moreover, it features easy adjustment of bevel for accurate bevel cuts. Plus, it allows easy depth adjustment. Besides, this circular saw is a corded one. So, you won’t need to worry about not operating it if the battery is low.


  • Easy to handle and ergonomic
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Enhanced accuracy with its laser guide
  • Features spindle lock


  • Hard to cut straight lines using this saw. 
  • Many parts are made of plastic.

4) Makita SH02R1

As a newbie in woodworking, you may want something that is corded. Yet, sometimes the cordless circular saw got an advantage over the corded ones, just like in the case of the Makita SH02R1. The Makita SH02R1, instead of using a cord to draw power from the power outlet, comes with a lithium-ion battery (12V). 

Despite being run by a battery, it still carries enough punch to deliver around 1,500 RPM. Thus, its blade can cut through materials such as MFD, plywood, pegboard, melamine, drywall, and particleboard. This circular saw is lightweight at 3.5 pounds. Thus, it is not heavy on your hands and muscles.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Perfect for light tasks
  • Easy to maneuver and hold


  • Low RPM
  • Not good for heavy-duty tasks


The CRAFTSMAN CMES510 may not have the features a top-rated circular saw has. Yet, if you are a beginner, you will find this circular saw helpful in learning the rudiments of using the circular saw. You can use it for cutting plywood sheets and framing jobs. You won’t be denting your savings that much if you opt for this circular saw. 

The CRAFTSMAN CMES510 is a corded saw that can deliver enough power. It is a 12-amp circular saw that is capable of 5,500 RPM. Thus, it exhibits aggressive and fast cutting. You can make precise angled cuts using this circular saw. It is also capable of a bevel capacity of 45 degrees.

Moreover, it comes with a spindle lock for quick changing of blade. Its shoe is made of magnesium. It also features metal lower and upper guard. 

The CRAFTSMAN CMES510 can withstand tough job conditions. It also features a lightweight design for reduced fatigue. Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle.


  • Delivers the needed punch to cut various materials
  • Allows you to make precise angled cuts
  • Can withstand tough jobs
  • Features an ergonomic handle


  • Can’t be pushed to the hilt

6) GALAX PRO GP76331

If you are looking for a powerful circular saw, you should check out the GALAX PRO GP76331. It is capable of 5800 RPM. It can even cut through hardwoods and laminates. Its motor, however, is a 10-amp motor. Thus, it may fail to handle heavy work for a longer time. 

The GALAX PRO GP76331 features easy and smooth adjustments for both bevel and depth of cuts. It is a good tool for beginners who want to cut different varieties of materials using a circular saw. 

This circular saw is safe to use with its double trigger feature that helps prevent unnecessary starts. Moreover, it comes with a dust blower to keep your working area clean. Plus, it features parallel guides for enhanced accuracy. For its price, it’s an excellent buy.


  • Offers excellent blade speed
  • Double trigger safety feature
  • Easy to adjust settings
  • Built-in dust blower
  • Parallel guides for enhanced accuracy


  • Its 10-amp motor is a limiting factor
  • Construction is questionable

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a Circular Saw for Beginners

As a beginner, you will get confused about which circular saw to choose to kickstart your woodworking endeavors. It will help if you’re familiar with the essential factors to consider when purchasing a circular saw:

Worm-drive or Sidewinder

Circular saws come in two styles: sidewinder and worm-drive style. The sidewinder features a motor that is mounted after the blade. This design may offer extra control when using the saw. Yet, it can also render the saw a bit off-balance, for its motor side is a bit heavier. 

The worm drive, however, has a motor behind the blade. This style offers an excellent view of the cutline if you’re a right-handed person.

Safety Level

When looking for a circular saw, it will be best to consider the safety level afforded by the circular saw. The safety features incorporated by the circular saw can save you from the risks concomitant with the use of a circular saw. Hence, it will be best to look for a circular saw with an electric brake. The electric brake enables the saw blade to stop quickly once you let go of the trigger. This feature can save you from injuries. 

It will also help if you go for a circular saw with LED lights. The LED light can help you see the cutlines as you cut. It should also have retractable guards to cover the blade when removing the saw blade from your workpiece. In this way, you can also minimize the risks of injuries.


When choosing a circular saw, it will be best to check its weight likewise. If it is too light, it will vibrate more that can cause hand fatigue. On the other hand, if it is too heavy, it weighs on your arms and shoulders. The ideal weight range for a circular saw is between six to ten pounds. Any person of whatever size would find the circular saws within this range easy to use.  

Corded or Cordless 

When choosing a circular saw, you will find that there are cordless and corded circular saws. Hence, you need to decide which one to choose between these two types. Each type has its pros and cons. For example, if you want more flexibility and freedom, you can go for the cordless variety. 

Yet, the cordless offers less power and runtime. Meanwhile, the corded provides more cutting power, and you can run it as long as there is a nearby electrical outlet. However, you can’t use it in places where there is no electrical outlet.


You should also check the power of the circular saw. The standard motor of circular saws is the 15-amp motor. This type of motor can handle most cutting tasks of DIYers. You will also find 10-amp and 12-amp motors. 

Yet, these motors are best only for lightweight jobs. So, before choosing a circular saw, check if its motor can sustain your usual workload. 

Blade Size

Another factor to consider is the blade size. Most circular saws run a 7 1/4″ blade, which is the standard size of saw blades for circular saws. This saw blade type can handle most workpieces even as thick as three inches. Yet, you will also see circular saws with 6.5″ saw blades. These saw blades are best for lightweight tasks. 

Moreover, you will find circular saws with 8 1/4″ saw blades. These blades are best for heavy-duty loads. Besides, you will also find 4 1/2″ saw blades. You can use these saw blades for cutting thin materials like panels. 

Ease of Adjustments

You also need to consider the ease of adjustment offered by the circular saw. You will often use the circular saw to cut various materials like plastics, soft and hardwood, and metals. So, it will be good to have a circular saw that offers ease of adjustment for tackling different types of materials. 

In this way, you can save time and effort when shifting from one material to another. Ease of adjustment includes ease of changing the saw blade. Moreover, it should allow you to use various types of saw blades.


You can use the circular saw to cut through thick boards as well as thin panels. Equipped with its spinning saw blade, you can cut through materials either along the grain or against the grain. Hence, the circular saw is a must-have tool for DIYers who want to jumpstart their woodworking career. 

As a beginner in woodworking, you might find yourself scratching your head as to which circular saw is best for your use. Yet, if you know the abovementioned most recommended circular saws for beginners and the essential factors to consider, you can immediately zero in on the ideal circular saw for your use.

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